Ballycotton Harbor

Dawn breaking over Ballycotton Harbor and lighthouse.

Happy 2014 and Welcome to the Ballycotton BLOG!

As many of you know I have journaled since I was in Jr. High School. I write down my thoughts, dreams, activities, emotions, and day-to-day living. Notebooks of my life fill waterproof storage containers in my shed. These journals were written to not just document my life, but to sort out any problems, ideas, hopes, and dreams that I may have. Journaling, for me, has been documenting my private life with no intent of having others read it. During the process of writing A Moment in Connemara: An Irish Love Story, I often referred back to the notes in my journals to give accurate information and description of events that happened. I don’t re-write, edit, nor plan what I write, in fact, I just let my thoughts flow in a stream of consciousness and capture the moments of my life.

So, to say the least, beginning a BLOG is somewhat daunting. My mind first tried to figure out what the word “blog” meant. So, if any of you don’t know as I didn’t, I Googled the word. Surprisingly, it is a word shortened from weblog. A weblog is another form of journaling, with the main exception and profound difference being the weblog is for anyone and everyone to read as it is posted in public view on a website. So my blog will be written on’s website for all to see, but with a twist—mine will be written from my heart.

Many of you, who read my book, have asked when I am writing another book or sharing more details about Noel and my “Magical Fairy Tale.” So in my blog I plan to share my thoughts, funny incidents not written in my book, my day-to-day life’s experiences, travel ideas and destinations, tell the story of how my book was published and how it is on its own journey, talk of my magnificent seven grandsons and the joys of being a Gramma, mom, and mother-in-law, and anything else that might pop up along the way.

Hopefully, I will write once a week, give or take a bit, as you know in your own lives, just living life to the fullest might get too busy one week to sit down and blog. I would love to hear from each and every one of you, your cares, concerns, questions, experiences about my book, Ireland, being a Gramma, seashells, or finding love after 50.

Blogging is new to me and I am sure I will make mistakes along the way but I invite you to join me on this new journey as I share by life with you.

Enjoy the Moments!