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A 2014 New Years Resolution to “Blog Weekly” has been Revived!

Hello again…. and Happy 2016, It has been almost two years since my last blog.  A blog with a promise to write again in a month.  Well,  24 months later,  I sit before a blank page and wonder what to write.   Although I continued to daily journal I hesitated to blog,  for various reasons and too many to list.  All I can say is “Life,” and all its complexities seemed to get in my way again.  In this blog I hope to catch all of you up on a bit of my life, the “Magnificent SEVEN” Grandsons, and the journey of A Moment in Connemara, An Irish Love Story.   I have every intention to blog more often,  (however I  will not promise a specific time frame).  I welcome each of you to the ‘Bit of Blarney’ blog and I would love to hear from you with thoughts, questions, or ideas. 2014 was another interesting year.   A year full of normal events, birthdays, holidays, weddings, “sleepovers with my Grandsons,” and our Fabulous Fourth of July celebration.  But in the midst of all the ‘normalcy’ my life took another twist on April 30th, 2014.  During my routine mammogram a small lump was found.  Within the next few days and months my life was again thrust into the world of doctors, surgeons, hospitals, lab tests, biopsies, and breast cancer.   I was surprised as anyone to have Breast Cancer again, after all it had been 13 years since I had first entered the world of cancer.   The good news, if you call getting breast cancer again good, was...
The Granda Tree

The Granda Tree

A Little Blarney from Ballycotton Press and Annie Before I begin my second blog I must say I already broke the promise I made to myself to blog weekly. “Life” got in the way and time got away from me. I am sure you all know that feeling and missed deadlines in your mind, and I did say in my first blog I would try to write weekly, but life is full of good intentions. And so, I begin my second blog with thoughts of Noel and the Granda Tree. THE GRANDA TREE I have been volunteering 4-5 days a month at the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Center. I sit at the front desk, answer questions, show the film, assist the Park Rangers, and give information on the nature center as well as the estuary. This center is very important to me as Noel and I began bringing the boys to the 2-8 year olds program over eight years ago. Ranger Sue would read a story, while the boys sat on a carpet, let them do a nature craft and then take them on a short hike on the trails. Noel loved to hike with the boys, share his love of flowers, birds, and the Back Bay. All of our Grandsons have spent time at the center and love the classroom. They have enjoyed many hikes and like the freedom the Rangers gave them to explore the trails and the environment. Upon Noel’s death our family decided to donate, in Noel’s honor, something to the center. The Rangers requested a large...
A Bit of Blarney from Ballycotton Press and Annie Quinn

A Bit of Blarney from Ballycotton Press and Annie Quinn

Happy 2014 and Welcome to the Ballycotton BLOG! As many of you know I have journaled since I was in Jr. High School. I write down my thoughts, dreams, activities, emotions, and day-to-day living. Notebooks of my life fill waterproof storage containers in my shed. These journals were written to not just document my life, but to sort out any problems, ideas, hopes, and dreams that I may have. Journaling, for me, has been documenting my private life with no intent of having others read it. During the process of writing A Moment in Connemara: An Irish Love Story, I often referred back to the notes in my journals to give accurate information and description of events that happened. I don’t re-write, edit, nor plan what I write, in fact, I just let my thoughts flow in a stream of consciousness and capture the moments of my life. So, to say the least, beginning a BLOG is somewhat daunting. My mind first tried to figure out what the word “blog” meant. So, if any of you don’t know as I didn’t, I Googled the word. Surprisingly, it is a word shortened from weblog. A weblog is another form of journaling, with the main exception and profound difference being the weblog is for anyone and everyone to read as it is posted in public view on a website. So my blog will be written on’s website for all to see, but with a twist—mine will be written from my heart. Many of you, who read my book, have asked when I am writing another book or sharing more details...
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